Bake & Shark
(without the shark)
december 17  11–22

The traditional Caribbean bake & shark, is a local fast food that you can find all around on the islands between South – and North America. Our version of bake & shark will be marinated and fried skate in fried bread with garnish. Garlic sauce, mango- and red cabbage salad, cucumber, salad and tomatoes. Elias bake & shark pairs perfectly with rum punch from our Slush Machine pop-up bar

Prices: The Package (Bake & Shark + Rhum punch) 150 SEK Bake & Shark 125 SEK

mit Sauerkraut
Saturday 26/11 11–22

Fäviken Magasinet Korvkiosk Craze presents, this Saturday: Käsekrainer mit Sauerkraut by Jakob Zeller. “Me in a casing; a bit Austrian, cheesy and with the very best of Italian on top” Do you agree? Come and see for yourself.

Jakob is from Süd Tirol and assistant head chef and head of R&D at Fäviken Magasinet.

Käsekreiner + 1 glass of wine 150 kr

Extra topping white alba truffle +100 kr

Käsekreiner + sauerkraut and fefferoni salad 125 kr

A glass of wine from Vin & Natur’s pop up bar 95 kr

A quick stop
in Belgium
Saturday 12/11 11–22

Before Sofie came to Fäviken Magasinet as chef, she slinged waffles on the streets of New York to mr Newman in Seinfeld’s himself. Now she will sling waffles for you! Together with black pudding made at Undersåkers Charkuteriefabrik, served with stroop applesauce and a fresh apple salad – you get a traditional Belgian meal. Pairs perfectly with our own Fäviken Saison brewed by our friends at Stockholm Brewing.

The Launch of Sofies Beligan waffle and black pudding will be supported by a pop-up beer bar by Sthlm Brewing were we will launch our own Fäviken Saison – the thinking mans lager.

A quich stop in Belgium, waffle/black pudding 125 SEK

Fäviken Saison by Sthlm Brewing 75 SEK

The Package (Waffle with black pudding + Fäviken Saison) 150 SEK


in a box!
October 29

Ethel Hoon sous-chef at Fäviken Magasinet will make a perfectly juicy pork Katsu-Sando. Pork cutlet from Eriksgården covered in panco and deep fried. Placed between two layers of bread from Lindeberg Bageri och konditori before being served with lettuce, hot sauce, sichuan mayo and warm potato chips.  Pop-up cocktail bar with pre-bottled cocktails by Bottles!

A Spanish Flamenco, october 15

Oskar Samuelsson is Sous-chef at Fäviken Magasinet and he spends a lot of time with the trainees in the kitchen. Being a kind, gentle and impressionable young man in combination with the trainees often coming from Spain and South America has led him to create, if not an authentic Latin hot dog, at the least a kind of homage to Latin food. Enjoy a coarse pork sausage seasoned with pimentos de la Vera, served in a bun, topped with Spanish bean salsa and tomato spread.