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At Korvkiosk we love food that tastes a little better, and contributes a little to the world we live in. Besides serving you an arguably much finer hot dog, we, by our mere presence, wish to have an effect on the food industry in a direction we believe in. Our conviction is that food is a much too important matter to be left to politicians (which, history has shown). If you want a change, you simply must make that change yourself.

If you happen to have a factory that makes hot dogs, and you also happen to love hot dogs, it also seems logical that you should run your own hot dog kiosk

Besides Korvkiosk, we also run a restaurant, Fäviken Magasinet, and our own hot dog supplier, Undersåkers Charkuteriefabrik, both located in Jämtland. If you happen to have a factory that makes hot dogs, and you also happen to love hot dogs, it also seems logical that you should run your own hot dog kiosk, which should be just the way you want it, right?

The only Swedish fast food culture that has its own uniquely national expression is our hot dog culture. After all, a burger in Sweden is quite similar to a burger elsewhere, which is also true for a kebab or a pizza. A hot dog with mash and shrimp salad, wrapped in a flatbread with chocolate milk on the side — that is something for which you have to look far and wide, if you have a sudden craving outside the borders of Sweden.

What we serve

At Korvkiosk you’ll find a selection of classic hot dog dishes, like hot dog in a bun – korv med bröd, or wrapped in a flat bread with mash – tunnbrödsrulle, or with just mash – mosbricka, but also completely different dishes that have nothing to do with hot dogs and that you’ve probably never seen served in a hot dog stand. Korvkiosk is not only our way of showing how much better our most beloved hot dog classics get if you only care a little more and let it cost what it will. What we do at Korvkiosk is also a way to stretch the limits and explore how you can serve really good everyday food in a fast, accessible and yummy way.

All our hot dogs as well as our mustard and ketchup are made by us in Undersåker, with really good unprocessed ingredients. And yes, we know, everybody says that — who’d admit that they worked with something other than really good ingredients? Be that as it may, we really do mean it, truly. Where possible, vegetables are bought from the area where our hot dog kiosks are, and bread is made by different bakers, depending on what we are looking for at the moment.

Products that are better made on a daily basis, like potato mash, freshly pickled cucumbers and other garnishes, are made on-site in each kiosk.

All our hot dogs as well as our mustard and ketchup are made by us in Undersåker, with really good unprocessed ingredients.

Finally, we want our dishes to feel great to eat any day of the week. Perhaps not every day (salted, smoked charcuterie will never be health food), but not only when you feel you want to treat yourself to something special. In most dishes, we aim for at least a 50% of the weight to come from the vegetable kingdom and to have a serving size which is suitable for the energy needs of a modern individual. For example, in our flatbread wrap there isn’t 470g of tasteless powdered mash potatoes (as there is in the wrap of one of our competitors), but 170g of tasty potato puree, freshly made with potatoes from Jämtland, Swedish milk and a dollop of good butter, perfectly seasoned with freshly ground white pepper. Instead of some anaemic tomatoes and a sad salad leaf of lettuce (also found in the competing wrap), we add more vegetables that varies by season reflecting the best we can buy at that precise moment.

We sincerely hope that you like what we do. The more you buy from us, the bigger changes we can achieve in the Swedish food industry.

Our beverages

Apart from eating well, we at Korvkiosk also like to drink well. We’ve never quite understood why all fast food places offer almost exactly the same, often rather limited selection of beverages every day, all year round, no matter what they serve and what’s in season. We’ve tried not to limit ourselves by thinking “we’re only a hot dog kiosk”, but instead we’ve thought about what we ourselves like to drink.

In our kiosk, you’ll of course find some of the beverages you find in any other place, but also plenty of other options. We collaborate with different artisanal producers who customize beverages just the way we want them. These beverages are not always available, but come and go throughout the year.

What else? At Korvkiosk Ringen we have a license to sell alcohol and there you will find something few hot dog kiosks have (as far as we know): a wine list. We buy our wines from small, independent importers, often the same ones we use at Fäviken Magasinet, and the wine list changes throughout the year, depending on what’s on the menu and what’s in season.

Oh, that’s right — the chocolate milk. It’s mixed and bottled daily on-site in every kiosk, with milk from the surrounding area. In Stockholm, the milk comes from Järna Mejeri, and in Jämtland, from Åre bondgård.

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